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Alcathoe Whiskered Bat

Rote Liste NRW:

Myotis alcathoe


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Foto: Holger Meinig
The Alcathoe Myotis is the smallest bat in Europe. It was only recognized as a separate species at the beginning of this millennium and described scientifically. It is still a bit smaller than the related Whiskered Bat and not easily distinguished from it. However, because of its relatively short ears, the species somewhat resembles an undersized Daubenton′s Bat. Alcathoe Myotis bats are to a great extend dependent on ancient deciduous forests with many old oaks. Their summer roosts, for example, can be found behind loose bark and in other small cavities of trees. Where Alcathoe Myotis bats hibernate is still not sufficiently resolved.

In NRW this bat species so far has not been observed. However, skull remains of the species could be isolated from the clay of two caves in Westphalia. This proves that the Alcathoe Myotis at least in prehistoric times belonged to the fauna of our area. Since meanwhile there are not only records of this new bat species from many countries in Europe, but it also occurred at low densities in the German federal states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Baden-Wuerttemberg, one can expect that Alcathoe Myotis bats also live in North Rhine-Westphalia. This might possibly only be proven with a targeted search with net captures in forest areas suitable for this species.


Henning Vierhaus


Vierhaus H (2023): Nymphenfledermaus (Myotis alcathoe).In: AG Säugetierkunde NRW — Online-Atlas of the mammals of North Rhine-Westphalia. Downloaded from saeugeratlas-nrw.lwl.org on 2023/03/27



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